Here are some nice things that have been said about Stewboss and their music…

“It made me laugh, dance, sing along and sit down to pore over the song lyrics and liner notes like I haven’t done since I was a kid…it’s alive, vibrant and genuine. Sweet Lullabye is a masterpiece.”
Sam Wereb, Rockzilla magazine

“True American music, comparable to Springsteen and Tom Petty.”
Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“Sarfaty’s earnest, reedy vocals deliver the goods with unselfconscious passion, and the band boasts more than enough firepower to drive it all home.”
Jim Musser, No Depression

“One of the most pleasing pieces of underplayed but authentic American music I’ve come across in many a long month.”
Marco Rossi, Dorset Echo

“An elegantly simple brew of earnest guitar pop and homespun melody…(Sweet Lullabye) is a fine, unfussy little masterpiece of an album.”
Manchester Evening News, UK

“Stewboss’ first album Wanted A Girl – a glorious piece of sepia-toned Americana – became a firm favourite with listeners to Bob Harris on (BBC)Radio2.”
Jim McGhee, Daily Record

“The tremendous Wanted A Girl album was one of the most overlooked, great LPs of 2001, so it is good to see that (Stewboss) has maintained the same high standard. 4 stars!”
Bristol Eve Post, UK

“Straddling the lines between love and hate, anger and calm, and joy and sadness, Stewboss delivers a turbulently emotional album of roots-rock songs for a whiskey-swilling Saturday night.”
John Metzger, The Music Box, USA

“At several points during their show, the songs were so good people were shaking their heads in reverence to them.”
Bernard Baur, Music Connection, USA

“Singer/songwriter Gregg Sarfaty is the unknown, undiscovered Van Morrison, Robbie Robertson, and Adam Duritz all in one.”
Tim McMahan, Lazyeye, USA

“An extraordinary record…complete with intelligent lyrics and some great sound quality as well.”
Terry Allen, hEARd Magazine, Australia

“By the end of the night there was no doubt they could have played it all again and still have had a packed house. If you missed them this time round, next time you have no excuse – you’ve been told.”
Manchester Evening News