Click HERE to download our song “No One” from the album Pilgrims & Runaways!


  1. Drew
    05 May 10, 11:05pm

    Sounds great, keep up the good work

  2. Gary O
    27 August 10, 12:48am

    Looking Forward to Your New Album!

  3. Austin Kelly
    18 January 11, 9:46am

    Hey Dudes,

    My 18 year old son has been going through my CD collection and has just realised how good you guys are..thinks you are the greatest thing since the Beatles! He and I want to know when will we see you back in Belfast its been too long already?

  4. 14 May 11, 5:30am

    Finally. Looking forward to make our listeners aware of the new Stewboss. You guys are great. Amsterdam is waiting for ya. Peter

  5. mick smith
    14 July 11, 1:17pm

    hi Lads nice to you got a new cd out.When will you be back in the uk again will nice see you back at The musician in hope to see you there.Mick

  6. Austin Kelly
    11 August 11, 7:43am

    We Dude & I have listened again & again & again to the your new album Pilgrims & Runaways…..BELTER!!

    Dont forget we expect to see you soon in Belfast real soon!

    Wee Dude & Big Dude.

  7. Phil Southern
    21 September 11, 4:08am

    Saw you guys in Bristol, UK in Oct 2006 touring the Take Your Pretty Hands album (has it really been 5 years ?!) Any plans for any UK dates to support Pilgrims (which by the way ROCKS!)

    Thanks for the great music.


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